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I burn to empower Queer and LGBTQ+ voices, providing a robust and secure online hosting service that strengthens your activism.

Carsten Lund Thomsen TwelveTrains v3

My name is Carsten Lund Thomsen

I am an experienced Danish queer graphic designer, interactive web specialist and WordPress developer based in Amsterdam. With over 20 years of experience with web design and WordPress development, I have helped numerous organisations in realising their online ambitions.

For over fifteen years, I have also offered my clients WordPress hosting services that’s both professional and personal. I’ve now made the decision to tailor this service specifically to LGBTQ+ organisations, NGOs and queer-owned companies, providing a secure, welcoming, and supportive space for their websites. Together, let’s support one another and contribute to making the world a better place.

Bespoke web solutions for Queer and LGBTQ+ changemakers

Activism might not be my calling, but supporting activists like you is.

As an activist in your heart and in your soul, you burn to make the world a better place for your community. I realised that I can use my experience and skills as a queer graphic designer, UX designer and web developer to support your activism and that way indirectly help our community.

Visit my sibling website TwelveTrains, where I offer premium bespoke web solutions for our queer and LGBTQ+ communities: