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Premium Hosting Services for LGBTQ+ Communities

We provide robust and safe WordPress hosting forLGBTQ+ companies, organisations and NGO’s.

Hosting service for the lgbtq communities FourteenRockets

We are different, in so many ways

Why choose FourteenRockets as your queer hosting partner?

Welcome to our inclusive hosting services

As a queer-owned business, we understand how the world can sometimes be unwelcoming. We’re well aware of the hurdles and the unique challenges our community occasionally faces.

Our goal is to support you throughout your online journey with empathy and trust.

Unwavering security and reliability

We want you to feel safe expressing yourself, which is why we take great care to protect your identity. Our advanced server and WordPress security measures provide peace of mind, so you can focus on sharing your thoughts and ideas with confidence.

In the fast-paced digital world, we’re here to make sure your online voice is heard clearly and consistently.

Empower your online presence

Our premium hosting services can help you tell your unique story. We are committed to supporting the stories of our LGBTQ+ community members.

Let’s work together to strengthen your online presence and turn your mission into a force for change in your community.

Join us

Join us and feel the warmth of a space where every identity is not just accepted, but celebrated.

We welcome everyone from our diverse communities to our safe and lightning fast WordPress hosting.

A selection of our hosting clients

We are proud to host the following LGBTQ+ organisations and LGBTQ+ owned businesses. They have all chosen our secure WordPress hosting services for their websites.

Queer and LGBTQ+ organisations and NGO’s

NGO Delegation logo
GATE logo
Pride Photo logo
GNP Plus logo
Reset Workshops logo
Stigma Index logo
Aids Candlelight Memorial logo
hello gorgeous logo
House of Hiv logo
Atlas 2018 logo

LGBTQ+ owned businesses

Studio Bakker logo
Het Binnenwerk logo
Medisch Centrum Szaar Peter logo
Zingend Telegram Jacob Kooimans logo
DimitriosFos logo
Autointernationaal logo
Flowz logo
OneStudio logo
Stephanie Lamb Eweniverse logo